Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mexican Lent Recipes: I Found Some Popular Ones For You Guys

As it happens, we're currently in the middle of Mexican lent.  Lent of course is the period following the lustful, primal, animal, and favorite-time-of-year-for-many carnival, and is seen as a period of repentance: a period of time where we're supposed to reflect on all the bad shit we've done over the past while and feel bad and make cheap resolves to be "better" en el futuro.  My mockery aside, there are certain changes some people make to their diet during lent: in Mexico, a Catholic country (at least on its face), you are supposed to go without eating meat on each of Friday during lent.  For those wondering why, this is to pay homage to all the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, without the comforts or spoils of the city life in Jerusalem.  Whether it does him justice, I'll leave that to you to decide, but in all seriousness I recently came across an article by the venerated about.com, that details some popular dishes for Mexican lent, where non-meat dishes like the famous chilaquiles (picture below) enjoy their moment (or Fridays) of fame...

Some foods are traditionally associated with Lent in Mexico. It is very common to eat seafood on Fridays - fish and shrimp are both very popular. Another food commonly eaten during Lent isempanadas de vigilia. These empanadas are made with a flour pastry shell and stuffed with vegetables or seafood.


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