Sunday, May 22, 2011

Salsa Taquera Recipe for Tacos

When you live in Mexico, you end up eating a lot of tacos.  Be it the street corner at the vendor, your friend's house, or your neighbor who's showing you some love by making you a plate of food along with the rest of the guests he's serving (happens quite often in Mexican culture!) ,what doesn't change is that these tacos are nearly always served with salsa taquera.


This salsa is perhaps the most common salsa served with tacos in this country, and it is legendary among Mexicans for quickly infusing your dish with a punch of delicious flavor.  I've tried a lot of spicy salsas in this country, but few can compare with the quality of a good salsa taquera recipe. Try it out and see how well your tongue interprets Mexican!

-Carlos Lima

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